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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Christian Counselor offering Solution-Focused Counseling in the North Texas area.  I have been in Private Practice for over 22 years. I am Privileged to Counsel Adolescents age 12 and above, Adult Individuals and Couples, and Families to help them Realize and Achieve their Full Potential.


I believe our world today is focused on outer appearance and having it all together. There are many Struggles each of us face resulting in Feelings of Vulnerability, Despair and Lack of Control.  I also believe there are Growth Opportunities in every Trial, and that No Tear is Wasted.  Through counseling, I provide Increased Awareness and Understanding of One’s Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors, and how one can Develop more Positive Experiences in many Areas of Life.


My therapeutic approach is interactive and Solution Focused, utilizing various Counseling Methods as I collaborate with you to help you learn New Skills and Achieve Healing and Growth in Emotional, Intellectual, Behavioral, and Spiritual Areas.  The Therapeutic Relationship is characterized by Mutual Respect and Cooperation.


I am Sensitive to my Clients’ Personal Spiritual Beliefs, providing Christian Counseling for those who request it.  I hold a Strong Belief in Biblical principles and the Power of Faith and Prayer in an Individual’s Life and incorporate those Principles and Beliefs in the Therapy Process when Deemed Appropriate.



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Kelley Connell, LCSW
Helping you discover change.

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